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About Eric Cawley

Eric brings decades of marketing experience to small businesses who need an expert in a diversity of critical marketing operations. Here's his functional resume:

COMMUNICATION: In today's digital landscape, an expert writer can make a company shine or sink. With over 30 years communication experience, Eric is an expert writer, having honed his informational writing skills as a radio and TV reporter, anchor and producer. Also, having served for years as a regional U.S. leader in Toastmasters, and as a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), Eric's persuasive communication skills have won dozens of presentation awards as well as an international public relations award. Not all communicators are comfortable speaking live, on camera, or before hundreds of people. Eric is!

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT:  You probably won't find very many former TV anchors who have also built dozens of websites, but Eric has! Since 1995, Eric has also kept up with innovations in website development and marketing, including adoption of CSS (1997), Search Engine Optimization (1999) being one the first users of Google Analytics (2005) and responsive website design (2010). By reading over a dozen website development blogs daily, Eric keeps abreast of modern website development innovations.

VIDEO PRODUCTION:  Eric first started learning audio production as a radio announcer in 1981 (he subsequently worked in radio for a total of 11 years). In 1988, he entered the video production industry in 1988 as a photographer/reporter at KOMU-TV (Columbia, MO), in 1990 as a producer at WHOI-TV and in 1991 KIDK-TV (Idaho Falls, ID). He has shot video in between two funnel clouds (luckily, they were miles apart from each other) and down the road from an overturned nuclear missile transport trailer. His professional training in mixing video and audio gives him a solid edge in quality video production, unlike many who rose through the ranks of amateur videographers.

MARKETING: Eric started his marketing career in 1992 by promoting the toughest product in the world: politicians. Since then, he has run dozens of political campaigns, as well as serving Public Information Officer for state and county government and marketing director for Idaho's largest pain management clinic. Eric's daily review of many marketing blogs means he is well informed about how to improve small business' marketing Return on Investment (ROI) using low-cost, high-engagement strategies and tactics.

ADVERTISING: Eric began work in broadcast advertising in 1988, as a copywriter and ad producer at KCMQ radio in Columbia, MO. In 1992, he was writing and designing marketing collateral, newspaper, radio, billboard and TV ads for political candidates. By 2001, he was actively purchasing Google Adwords. In 2014, he added Facebook ads to his pay-per-click advertising repertoire.

SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:  Eric has advised scores of small business owners and managers in evaluating their Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats (SWOT), as well as county governments developing their own Mission / Vision / Values / Goals statements. 

NON-PROFIT EXCELLENCE: Eric began developing and directing non-profit organizations as Club President, then eventually as a regional leader in Toastmasters (1997-2003), where his district was awarded as one of the top districts in the world. He also served as president of a school PTO (2000), and chairman of a county political party (1999-2000). Having taken some time to catch his breath, he was unanimously elected Board President of the National Alliance on Mental Illness / Boise Affiliate in October, 2017. In January 2018, he also began serving as Chairman of the Hebraeus Foundation Marketing Committee.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Journalism, University of Columbia School of Journalism, Dec. 1989 (widely considered as one of the top Journalism schools in the U.S.).

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